Feature set

Distinct flavours every couple of months inspired by pretty much anything - adventures, events, seasons, and more.

Christmas special flavours featured in the fluffs mini version!

The Eggnog, let's just say fluffy + custard make quite the combo.

The Drunken Raisin has a nice mix of dark chocolate, raisins, and, you guessed it right, rum; you might want to think it twice before sharing this one with the kids.

The Pecan Pie, sweet, gooey, some crunchy, this guy has everything!

Classic set

Featuring all-time favourite flavours: 

Vanilla, featuring  fresh vanilla cream placed between two fluffy vanilla pancakes.

Chocolate, featuring fresh chocolate cream placed between two fluffy vanilla pancakes.

How it works:

Pre-orders open up at 5 PM on Saturday for pickup and deliveries for the following Saturday.

Pickup your orders at any time within your selected time frame.

Deliveries are only available within city limits and are carried out from 10 AM to 2 PM; we will text you 10 to 15 minutes before arriving with your order.